Project Champion – Sian Bird
Project Lead – Anna Casey and Elizabeth Mischler

Image © MAMIMU (June Mineyama-Smithson)

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Jun 2020 – Jan 2021 Boost the Local Economy Creative Citizenship Convening Connections

Local Freelancer Meet-ups

About the Project

Culture Mile began hosting monthly local freelancer meet-ups during the pandemic, at a time of isolation and inability to meet with others. These offered an opportunity for creative freelancers in the area to think locally and connect - to network and get to know other creatives and artists in the area, exploring how Culture Mile and the local freelance community could best support each other. Culture Mile hosted the first meet-ups and later sessions were facilitated by different freelance artists and creatives who were members of the group.

Since these meet-ups began, Culture Mile has supported or worked with many new freelancers from the area. New commissions, programmes, professional development opportunities and initiatives have begun, which Culture Mile continues to develop. The local freelance group itself has forged new connections and collaborations, growing a sense of community for the local creatives living or working in and around Culture Mile.

Over 35 creative freelancers in the area attended the meet-ups across a range of practices and art forms, from soon to be graduates of GSMD to over 60's still developing their artistic practice.